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Supply of screws and bolts in bulk and design by design.

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Thanks to the presence of a control lathe, AdBolt is able to create and deliver customised pieces made to the customer's specifications. In the table below you can see the available materials.

Available materials

High temperature
Low temperature
High Temperature
Resistant alloy
Resistant corrosion
A193 B5 A320 L7 A453 660A F468 400 A182 F51 6.8
A193 B6 A320 L7M A453 660B F468 C276 A182 F44 8.8
A193 B7 A320 L43 A453 660C K-500 F468 A182 F53 10.9
A193 B7M A320 B8 A453 660D A453 660A A182 F55 12.9
A193 B16 A320 B8A B637 718 A453 660B F468 Monel K500 14.9
A193 B8 A320 B8T   B637 718    
A193 B8A A320 B8TA        
A193 B8M A320 B8C        
A193 B8MA A320 B8M        
A193 B8cl2 A320 B8MA        
A193 B8Tcl2 A320 B8cl2        
A193 B8Mcl2 A320 B8cl2        
  A320 B8Mcl2         

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